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Buy Autumn Tales!

Autumn Tales is a different kind of anthology. It is a horror anthology with heart.

It is a horrifying collection of ghastly tales told by some of the most influential and affluent new authors in paranormal and horror. In Autumn Tales, the authors use the needle of words and the thread of fear to stitch a tapestry so dark it shadows every nightmare you ever had.

And the best part is - All royalties from Amazon orders are going to help endangered children! That's right; the authors are donating 100% of royalties made from Amazon purchases to Collective Liberty, a non-profit organization that is in the trenches of the battle against Human Trafficking!

These 10 amazing authors have given so much of their time and energy to bring this book together because this is a cause that we all believe in.

Won't you join us?

This is Independent Publishing at Work!

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Autumn Tales Paperback Edition (7).png

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