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Daniel Bautz

Growing up in a small one-stoplight town in rural Lucas, Ohio, Daniel knew he wanted to create.


His grandmother, Jeanette, taught him to paint, and Daniel inherited the artistic drawing gene from his grandfather, Peter. This talent and wanting to tell his own stories convinced him to pursue comic books as a career.


Daniel graduated from Lucas High School and moved to Pittsburgh for art school. Here he became un-enamored with the visual art world but followed his learned craft into the world of graphic design.

During this time, he aspired to create on his own, which led to Daniel's foray into filmmaking. This adventure culminated in the comedy "Why My Grandpa Went to Hell." It was a piece of crap. But the script was solid, and the movie made a slight profit. The script, written by his brother and edited by Daniel, showed the written word for the first time more potent than the image for Daniel.

In the midst of this, Daniel Bautz began hosting a podcast. His original plan was to get audio clips discussing paranormal phenomena to be used in a documentary. But the show took off, and he followed "Grand Dark Conspiracy" from podcast to late-night terrestrial radio "emanating out into the deep dark streets of Marysville, Ohio." After hundreds of episodes and almost a decade, the GDC ended.


During the paranormal radio journey, Daniel found the engine that fulfilled the drive to create. The written word.


Daniel had a story that compelled him to write it. He should have known but was never encouraged in the direction of writing. His ability to draw and paint brought him more accolades, so that was his pursuit, even though it never drove him.


Visual arts were just a means to an end in which the craft was not as important as having the end product. The doing was something to be endured instead. So, his craft never grew beyond what was necessary.


Writing was different.


Now, writing is his life. The writing is as important as the story to him. He reads about writing, writes about writing, and when he is not capable of either due to circumstance, he thinks about writing. And so, he writes.

Daniel Bautz never stopped creating while working as a contractor, assembly line worker at an auto manufacturer, radio show host, graphic designer, and marketer.


Now, he has found his creative pull, telling stories as only he can.


Daniel is

Currently working on a modern paranormal thriller. We cannot wait to see what he comes up with next!

When not Writing

Daniel can be found fishing, birding, or doing anything else that will get him out in nature. He is also a music and vinyl fanatic!

Visit Daniel's website and Blog!

If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must wri
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