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Deborah Dobbs

Deborah was raised in North Central Texas, which also serves as the setting for her stories.


As the daughter of a commercial airline captain, Deborah had an extraordinary childhood and adolescence, which included some amazing adventures—from dancing at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst’s Commissioning Ball to bareboating in the Caribbean.


In her youth, Deborah fancied a career in law enforcement. Both her undergraduate (University of Texas) and graduate (University of North Texas) studies focused on sociology, criminology, and deviant behavior. However, after completing her graduate degree, she discovered she was less interested in managing criminals than in helping their victims recover. After studying violent crime on the island of Tortola, she chose a career in nonprofit and said goodbye to traveling adventures.


Through her career in victim advocacy, working alongside law enforcement gave her a front-row seat to human suffering, but she also witnessed the tenacity of the human spirit. Twenty-six years in victim advocacy gave Deborah a unique perspective on the judicial system, patterns of violent predators, and the experiences of their victims. This, of course, inspires her writing.


Fun Facts

Deborah is a lover of fishing, hunting, Tex-Mex, real BBQ, Irish whiskey, and the occasional cigar.
She lives in North Central Texas with her husband, daughter, and murderous cat named Sicario.

Did You Know

Deborah has sailed (bareboat) the British Virgin Islands several times and has a PADI Dive Master rating.

"If I have my way, I will live my final chapters by the sea." -Deborah Dobbs

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