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Submission Overview:


Note: We are an independent micro-publisher. This means that we are small and that we intend to remain small. Our biggest dream at Anatolian Press is to help authors achieve theirs. We are a no-fee independent book publisher. That is to say, we never charge a price to publish a book. We make money by selling books for you, and we pay you royalties on every copy we sell.


Please keep in mind that even if you satisfy all of the standards on this page, we will analyze all submitted manuscripts and decide on a case-by-case basis whether it makes sense for us to give the author a publishing agreement.


Anatolian Press accepts both solicited and unsolicited submissions. Nothing makes us happier than discovering an undiscovered, talented author with a fantastic manuscript, or a published author whose recent work demonstrates brilliance not acknowledged by other publishers. Having stated that, only a tiny fraction of manuscripts submitted will be chosen.


We accept submissions in the following genres: horror, fantasy, folklore, mystery, dark suspense, and thriller.


We do not accept erotica, sexually implicit or explicit material, romance, political, self-help, worldview, or nonfiction submissions.


We accept only electronic submissions.

We are not interested in Novella or Short Story submissions at this time.

Full manuscript should be at least 70K words 


Submission Guidelines:


Please send your first chapter, your favorite scene or chapter (this should really highlight the very best of what your manuscript has to offer), your Instagram handle (this is to give us an idea of your readership and established reach), a summary of your novel, and word count to - subject, "Submission"


Do not attach manuscripts or proposals to e-mail queries.


An editor will respond if he or she is interested in seeing the full manuscript.


Due to the volume of submissions and time constraints, editors may only respond to projects they wish to consider further.


When submitting a full manuscript:


  • Manuscript must be in a Microsoft word document

  • Manuscript must be self-edited for spelling and grammar to the very best of your ability

  • Margins must be set to 1 on all sides

  • Line Spacing must be set to "Exactly" at 18 pt

  • Manuscript must be in twelve-point serif font (Times New Roman, Palatino, etc.)

  • Manuscript must be free of all “special” formatting (bold and italic are fine)

  • No internal or external links

  • No running headers

  • No automatic formatting

  • Manuscript must retain first-line indents



If we don't get back to you, it implies your project doesn't fit our current editorial needs.


Please see our Disclaimer for more info. 

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